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Grandma’s Ghost for MAMA Scared Stiff Contestby ErikReichenbach

My family has a cabin in Northern Michigan that was built by my grandfather. Shortly after my grandmother passed away I had a terrifying dream while sleeping in the loft. 

I awoke to the sounds of my grandmother crying. She was elsewhere in the house and she called out to me in the dark. “Erik! Come quickly! I need help!” I found it strange that no adults could hear her or woke up to help her. I jumped out of bed, descended the ladder, and realized she was in the basement. I looked down the steps into the darkness timidly.

"Are you there Grandma?" She was crying but I knew it was her voice. I took a few steps downstairs and as the wood creaked beneath my feet I saw her eyes lit up by the faint light. They were cloudy, bloodshot, and unblinking. "Closer Erik closer! I need you down here!"

In dreams there are truths that you absolutely know to be true, even if they defy the laws of physics and what information you previously knew in waking life. You could call them “dreamland conditionals” or “rules of the imaginary”. As I looked into my grandma’s dead eyes I was terrified to suddenly know the lore of this creature; 

#1. The thing calling out from below wasn’t my grandma. It had either killed her or reclaimed her dead body, but she was not there. It was a ruse.
#2. It was unable to come upstairs into the light to get me, and knowing I missed my Grandmother it needed me to take a few more steps into the dark, because…
#3. The thing eats human toes. 

I turned and ran, and as I turned the creature lurched forward from the dark on its crooked boney legs! Its long creeping fingers clawed at my feet through the wood panels immediately cutting me. I tripped while it frantically clawed at my legs. Its desperation for food was evident, it hadn’t eaten in so long. 

I woke in a cold sweat kicking at the bed covers. One of the worst nightmares from my childhood. I never set foot in the cabin basement again after nightfall.”


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